The history and causes of the rwandan crisis

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Those indicted included high-ranking military and government officials, politicians, businessmen, as well as religious, militia, and media leaders. On 6 Aprilan aeroplane carrying Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira was shot down on its descent into Kigali.

The history and causes of the rwandan crisis

The political economy of rape: An analysis of systematic rape and sexual abuse of women during armed conflict in Africa. Slaughter Spreads Across Rwanda The mass killings in Kigali quickly spread from that city to the rest of Rwanda, with some , people slaughtered over the next three months. Naimak, N. While the ranks of the RPF did include some Hutus, the majority, particularly those in leadership positions, were Tutsi refugees. McCullum, H. After the genocide mass clearing and removal of forests took place. Extensive deforestation has resulted in the loss of biodiversity and genetic resources.

Risk Book Series. November In Novembera violent incident sparked a Hutu uprising in which hundreds of Tutsi were killed and thousands displaced and forced to flee to neighboring countries.

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The Belgian colonial government had introduced use of these classifications and IDs in The large scale killing of Tutsi on the grounds of ethnicity [] began within a few hours of Habyarimana's death. Ministry of Infrastructures Prunier, G.

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The country was ravaged by civil war, genocide, mass migrations, economic crisis, diseases, return of refugees and environmental destruction. The land area is 26 square kilometres World Bank with a high population density of per square kilometre PRB

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Rwandan Genocide