The babington plot

Further complicating things, Mary was a Roman Catholic whereas Elizabeth was a protestant.

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Five days later, Mary would make the walk to the chopping block. The cipher used was a nomenclator cipher [ citation needed ].

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Although Babington was able to receive the letter with the postscript, he was not able to reply with the names of the conspirators, as he was arrested. In , Elizabeth ordered Mary to be transferred in a coach and under heavy guard and placed under the strictest confinement at Chartley Hall in Staffordshire , under the control of Sir Amias Paulet. Gifford had also ingratiated himself with Anthony Babington, who had served as a courier for Mary before communication with her had been cut off by Elizabeth, and with the French Embassy in London. Walsingham decided to concoct a scheme that would implicate Mary once and for all. All were condemned to death for high treason. Walsingham had Gifford function as a courier in the entrapment plot against Queen Mary. As a child, Babington served as a page to Mary's jailer, the Earl of Shrewsbury. The conspirators were sentenced to death for treason and conspiracy against the crown, and were to be hanged, drawn, and quartered. Bells rang out across the city as news of their arrest spread; fires were lit and psalms sung, song and smoke rising together in the late summer air. Elizabeth had always refused to have Mary assassinated. You see, Mary was a legitimate heir to the English throne. What were the consequences of the plot? The message was passed to Phelippes. The passport being delayed, he offered to reveal to Walsingham a dangerous conspiracy, but the latter sent no reply, and meanwhile the ports were closed and none allowed to leave the kingdom for some days.

Walsingham released Gifford to work as a double agentin the Babington Plot. On 17th July she replied to Babington. Down in London, correspondence was also arriving from Anthony Babington, a well-to-do young Catholic gentleman who had been recruited by Thomas Morgan whilst in France.

While it was uncertain whether Ballard's report of the extent of Catholic opposition was accurate, what was certain is that he was able to secure assurances that support would be forthcoming. He was resolved in this plot after consulting with three friends: Dr.

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The Babington Plot