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Often, this type of differentiation gets lumped in with horizontal differentiation.

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It can be useful because they then have a chance to compete against bigger companies. Example: Duracell lasts 10 times longer than ordinary batteries. There are three types of product differentiation: Horizontal differentiation: Distinctions in products that cannot be evaluated in terms of quality.

However, you can differentiate your Complete Product Experience by assembling a stand-out support team and earning a reputation for being ultra-responsive to customers' needs, requests, and ideas.

This is how a luxury brand like Ferrari can command a top asking price for their cars.

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The increased competition has divided the demand among different players in the market. Creating a differentiated product that appeals to your target market can help to build your competitive advantage over other brands. Ask too low of a price, however, and customers may not see your product as truly valuable. How useful was this post? Benefits What value can customers expect to gain from using your product compared to others? Why Is Product Differentiation Important? Do a value chain analysis to review your position compared to your competition. Gantt charts What is product differentiation?

Click on a star to rate it! What would your customer really be amazed and delighted to receive? Contact What is product differentiation?

Importance of product differentiation

Use an example marketing plan to build your marketing mix product program. This may include products within the company or of the same line. What problem is the product going to solve? Simple or Mixed differentiation: Differentiation based on numerous characteristics. If it comes with a reusable filter, the savings on paper filters are highlighted in packaging and advertising it. But smaller businesses can use this strategy as well, working with locally well-known sports figures, television personalities or other smaller-market celebrities to enhance the value of your brand. It quantifies something that is hard to track your workout data while also building a social community through design. The references to these qualities are reflected in the product's packaging and promotion, and often even in its name. Besides making the product survive in the market , product differentiation is important for the following reasons: Product differentiation translates the product attributes into benefits. Video — what is product differentiation? How is it going to make their lives easier and better? Horizontal differentiation With horizontal differentiation, the product is harder to classify because it has many features. The increased competition has divided the demand among different players in the market. Features: Features like size, shape, ingredients, origin, etc.

Competitive advantage means having an edge over rivals in the provision of a certain product or service. The customer clearly knows the difference between the two and chooses one according to his preference.

Service and interactions: Do you offer faster support than anyone else on the market?

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Our examples above have only scratched the surface on what different factors can differentiate a product.

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Product Differentiation Definition