How to write a piece of music on piano

The satisfaction that I know I get out of recording my music gives me the determination to put in the hard work to develop ideas into completed pieces of music.

Maybe you love music technology and want to record your work or maybe you just want to write whatever comes into your head? Finally, remember that songwriting is a creative art.

Your answers to the above questions will help give some direction to your compositional journey.

How to write songs on keyboards

So what? Each key and each tempo can affect listeners differently and are essential elements in what kind of atmosphere or mood that your song possesses. Pick a tempo that matches your general song idea. Jot down everything. For most people, and students in particular, notation is a time-consuming process. Is this a hobby or a career ambition? Something that sounds terrible today may sound great next week, or maybe even in another song that you find yourself working on down the road. This whole website is dedicated to helping teachers approach teaching in a more creative manner, because I know it works. Do I really need to know why I am composing? Guiding your students from improvising to composing Encouraging beginner students to compose And plenty more! Why do you want to compose? Decide on a general song idea.

I love it when people enjoy my music enough to purchase a download or a CD — this is a real thrill. Start with Am, then F, then C, and end with G. Every piece of music you write will be unique and original.

how to compose a melody on piano

One place to start when composing music is with chords. Unfortunately, the process of individual music tuition on an instrument has changed little from the s. Learn more about Heather here! It makes no sense to me that we ask students to play the written music of these masters without exploring how these masters came to write their pieces in the first place: improvisation!

This is the method by which I most commonly introduce composing for students.

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How to Write a Song for Piano (with Pictures)