Essay on problems of modern india

In smaller towns, particularly for hospitals catering to old people and new born babies, electricity cannot be a major impediment. However, with changing times and introduction of different laws such practice has been abolished.

current social issues

But the insistence on the family planning has posed many health hazards. In the Indian social context even today male children are preferred to female children.

His decisions are final and his orders are ultimate.

Essay on problems of modern india

He then moved to provide special grants to the poorest and incentives to small businesses in an attempt to provide a fillip to the rural economy. However, almost all the old traditional problems have been disappeared gradually from the society but given rise to other new issues. However, finding doctors is still unbelievably tough. There are some common issues that affect society in a considerably negative way. The general public requires more awareness to eradicate this social issue. Unless and until we change our mind-sets, nothing can change in our society. There is hardly any office, in both private and public sector, that is untouched from this disease. A recent survey revealed that most Indians think corruption is the biggest problem facing the country, but it's not an election issue because they also think all parties are equally corrupt. This commitment to work is proving to be a big disadvantage for them. Solution to Social Issues: All these social issues can only be solved through mutual efforts of the people and the greater schemes introduced by the government. In spite of this Act, the practice continues to be in vogue. The first step in this direction is the removal of reservations based on caste system. Because when farmers and rural industries have access to a steady income, they will invest in improving productivity. Contemporary Indian society is flecked with numerous issues that are labelled as social problems. All while sitting sandwiched between Pakistan and China, while the US makes a play to take back the Pacific?

For every men, we have only women at present as against women in Women are shown as targets of attack, sex, rape and such other exploitations. Earlier, girls and boys were married as soon as they attained puberty.

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The gender gap holds back economies all around the world. Crimes against women have only shown an increase in the last five years. If this technology were deployed into education, a few crore of rupees and the , villages with no access to schools suddenly become accessible. Some of the common social issues which seem to have plagued the Indian society are child abuse, illiteracy, drug abuse, child trafficking, poverty, unemployment, gender disparity, and so on. There are many such social issues which existed earlier, but with changing mind-sets of the people and awareness among the citizens, many of them have been abolished. Similarly, untouchability is another social issue which has been existent in India since older times. We look at some of the real issues in India that startups can aim to address. Without a doubt, labour productivity is linked to education. Exploitation of Women in the Media: The mass media such as the radio, television, news papers and the cinema play a vital role in social change and social development especially in the modern societies. Pollution Social Issues: Pollution results in instability, illness, harm or distress to the environment. Of the children who die every year, about 3 lakh female children, that is, more than the number of male children, die for one or the other reason.

An increased focus on sanitation and hygiene is something that can be a motivating idea for startups. Social issues like female infanticide, denial of education of girl child, domestic violence, etc.

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Essay on Problems of Women in Modern India