Determining program input processing and output

Speaking to a computer, known as voice input or speech recognition, is another form of source input.

Input process output examples

Examples include: keyboards, touch screens, mouse, trackballs, microphones, scanners, etc. Typically, a couple of dozen thumbnail-size images can be displayed on the screen at one time; a particular image can be enlarged to full-screen size with a click of a mouse button. The processing stage may need to store data for later use or recall previously stored data for processing new data from the input stage. The model is sometimes configured to include any storage that might happen in the process as well. In practice, however, a completely closed system is merely liveable, due to loss of practical usage of the output. Divide the sum by the total number of numbers. Furthermore, the computer response to that data-the output-also appears on the screen. Systems can be classified as static or dynamic [4] Most systems would be known as dynamic, because of the constant evolution in computing power, yet some systems could find it hard to balance between being created and ceasing to exist.

A batch transaction processing system, which accepts large volumes of homogeneous transactions, processes it possibly updating a databaseand produces output such as reports or computations. Some of them are examples of what not to do.

They will be created by the developer and shown to the client or key actors to verify that the developers understanding of the problem is accurate and whole. A sales representative uses an instrument that looks like a pen to enter an order on a special pad. The first is synthesis by analysis, in which the device analyzes the input of an actual human voice speaking words, stores and processes the spoken sounds, and reproduces them as needed.

Input process output examples in real life

Such organizations are likely to print hearty reports, perhaps relating to payroll or costs, for internal use. Voice Input Does your computer have ears? They are often found on sales tags on store merchandise. The processing agent is typically some form of software or firmware, with a specific action taken on a particular type of data. A sales representative uses an instrument that looks like a pen to enter an order on a special pad. Other advantages of non-impact printers over conventional mechanical printers are their ability to change typefaces automatically and their ability to produce high-quality graphics. For convenience, we will divide this discussion into the primary areas related to source data automation: magnetic-ink character recognition, optical recognition, data collection devices, and even directly by your own voice, finger, or eye.

Now, using appropriate software, the computer can produce the sound of an orchestra or a rock band. A college student writes checks. Although bar codes were once found primarily in supermarkets, there are a variety of other interesting applications.

input process output examples in daily life

This terminal is somewhat like a cash register, but it performs many more functions. The computer calculates the subtotal, the sales tax if anyand the total.

input process output theory

Dot-matrix printers create characters in the same way that individual lights in a pattern spell out words on a basketball scoreboard. Moving the mouse allows you to reposition the pointer, or cursor, an indicator on the screen that shows where the next interaction with the computer can take place.

Input process output cycle

After the reservations have been confirmed, the agent can ask for printed output that includes the tickets, the traveler's itinerary, and the invoice. The price is stored in a file that can be accessed by the computer. On the rest of this page I will explain my take on how Input Process Output tables should be used in software design and development. In addition, agency management may periodically receive printed reports and charts, such as monthly summaries of sales figures or pie charts of regional costs. Examples of remote data collection devices are machines for taking inventory, reading shipping labels, and recording job costs. The rush to laser printers has been influenced by the trend toward desktop publishing-using a personal computer, a laser printer, and special software to make professional-looking publications, such as newsletters. Moving the mouse allows you to reposition the pointer, or cursor, an indicator on the screen that shows where the next interaction with the computer can take place. Terminals A screen may be the monitor of a self-contained personal computer, or it may be part of a terminal that is one of many terminals attached to a large computer. It is ok to have decisions and repetition in your processing but they should be described in general terms rather than algorithmically. The process of storing words is similar to the digitizing process we discussed earlier when considering voice input. Used correctly, the IPO Model offers an efficient way to both analyze and document the critical aspects of a transformation process. Accompanied by music and swooshing sounds, the network symbol spins and cavorts and turns itself inside out, all with the finesse that only a computer could supply. Screen sizes are measured diagonally.
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A List of the Steps in the Information Processing Cycle