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Thus the crusaders completed their final goal, the holy city of Jerusalem was cleansed and retaken in the name of Christendom.

Political causes of the crusades

And thirdly, the cleansing of the holy land from the filth of Muslims it would result in a purification of true faith. The aim of this paper is to examine the causes and effects of the First Crusade. Considering the nature and religious zeal or the campaign, it is not surprising that anti Semitism occurred. In this essay, this writer will give a brief account of The Crusades, demonstrate the significance they still have for Christianity today and what lessons contemporary Christians should learn from them. Byzantine Empire The crusades caused a rupture in western-Byzantine relations. The siege itself was made increasingly difficult due to lack of water and the size of the fortifications. London [England] : Athlone, c

Bibliography Bull, Marcus. When the Jews observed this cruelty, many attempted to escape to Neuss where they were discovered by crusaders and massacred. Pope Urban II said that people fighting in the Crusades will be forgived for their sins.

causes of the crusades

Knightly piety and the lay response to the First Crusade : the Limousin and Gascony, c. To help manage this situation, the church attempted to impose limits to the practice of war through numerous meetings between and Whether a murderer or a nobleman, to kill in the name of God brought purity.

Thus the solution, since land and wealth would ultimately lead to European conflict; a war against an alien enemy seemed a logical conclusion.

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The opportunity of the crusades removed a large number of war loving Europeans and dispersed them throughout the east. The duality of religion is accurately portrayed in the Christian crusades. Along their path to Jerusalem the crusader armies, who were well armed and large in number, won numerous battles against the armies of Islam. The purpose of these meetings was to make the practice of war and killing of fellow Christians punishable. This holy war served not only as a way to guarantee relative peace throughout Europe but also provided opportunity to acquire wealth and land. The objectives of the first crusade were: the assistance to the Byzantine empire from invading Turks, the cleansing of the holy land from Muslims, the capture of the holy city of Jerusalem and gaining glory in the name of Christendom. One cannot doubt that a desire for central Europeans to venture on the crusades in hopes of procuring these exotic luxuries without the help of Byzantine or Italian merchants would have existed. Thus the crusaders completed their final goal, the holy city of Jerusalem was cleansed and retaken in the name of Christendom. In the end countless Jews were slaughtered in the name of Christ. Travel became more common, initially in the form of pilgrimage to the Holy Land and there also developed a thirst to read about such journeys which were widely published. The age of exploration had begun and would lead to the discovery of the New World where the concept of a crusade against non-believers was once more applied.
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Crusades And Changes In Medieval Society