A discussion on video nasty a term used for violent horror films released onto video

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But, in terms of contemporary political reality, the inescapable fact is that, as noted at the start of this section, either politicians believe that the opinions expressed by the majority of newspapers do indeed reflect public opinion, or these are the opinions to which politicians are most highly sensitised and thus liable to react in policy terms.

Night of the Living Dead - Passed with cuts for cinema. This can be done for authenticity, such as horror fans who seek out now-obscure titles from the s instead of the modern, well-known remakes.

Leonard Kastlewho directed The Honeymoon Killersnever directed another film again. Profondo Rosso - Passed with 11s of cuts in Terror - Passed with cuts for cinema. This definition is of course open to wide interpretation.

David Church and Chuck Kleinhans describe an uncritical celebration of transgressive themes in cult films, including misogyny and racism.

Eysenck, also quoted approvingly in the article 7.

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The Times, 11 April, also quotes her as urging the Tories to include proposals for stricter obscenity laws in their manifesto for the general election which had just been called. Foxy Brown - Passed in edited form for cinema.

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“Are We Insane ?”. The “Video Nasty” Moral Panic